Passionate about Performance

SBTI’s offer goes beyond teaching Lean Six Sigma. We are passionate about performance and we want to help you and your company to always achieve the best results. We provide you and your team the necessary knowledge to achieve these results. Since your company is unique, we work to understand your needs and deliver a product and service exceeding your expectations. Together we can decide between a customized training, mentoring to assure excellent project execution or a complete deployment Lean Six Sigma culture.

Our beliefs

Very often when we establish contact with a new client it is the starting point of a long relationship. We have worked, and still work, with many organizations since our start. It may sound like a nonsense phrase - but we believe in customer satisfaction. Our most motivating moments are when old customers contact us for additional services. That is a confirmation that we have done a good job. And it happens frequently!

Behind all the tools and concepts our business is about trust. Organizations turn to us with their most important needs. So when we are asked about our business idea we say it is about understanding our customers’ needs and it is about mutual trust. As a result of these beliefs and our ability to deliver upon commitments we have been able to build these long term relationship with many clients.


Traditionally Lean Six Sigma has been much about tools and techniques. Many of these tools are perceived as a "black box" by outsiders. Black Belts and Green Belts are seen as people belonging to a secret society using complex tools and having their own strange language.

We want to change this situation. But we don't want to change this at expense of not using the most powerful tehniques. We pride ourselves of being relentless persistent about making Lean Six Sigma understandable and still keeping its edge in business performance improvement.

You can compare it with driving a car. You don't need to understand how the engine works in order to drive a car. Same with Lean Six Sigma. As a Lean Six Sigma practitioner or stakeholder you need to understand what benefits those techniques bring to your business and how to use theme


What is Lean Six Sigma to us?

Lean Six Sigma is both a business strategy and a continuous improvement concept.

As a business strategy it will enable you to increase growth and profits by delighting customers, streamlining operations, improving quality and eliminating defects and mistakes. As a continuous improvement concept you can apply Lean Six Sigma to all processes.

Well proven roadmaps and tools will help you first identify variation and waste in your processes and then in the next stage minimizing all non-value added work and unplanned variation. The objective is robust and stable processes with a minimum of waste.

But Lean Six Sigma is not only a robust and hands-on concept for minimizing waste and variation in existing processes. It is also about generating growth by delighting new and existing customers with unique products and services. To capture needs, outspoken and not outspoken in the marketplace, and then turning those needs into state of the art products and services.

If you are interested in further explore how you can benefit from SBTI’s approach to constantly improve existing operations and at the same time delighting customers with new and unique products and services don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to continue this discussion.