DMAIC - a roadmap for process improvement

DMAIC is the most frequently used roadmap in Lean Six Sigma. The objective is to find root causes to problems in processes instead of trying to cure symptoms.

We teach a methodology, which is based heavily on "common sense". We also teach what questions you should ask yourself in an improvement project, ie critical thinking. To help answer these questions we introduce dedicated and powerful tools. These are tools that are well known but which are now linked to a methodology.

To fulfill the criteria of ASQ (American Society for Quality) standard for Belts and at the same time optimize the investment in deploying Lean Six Sigma in the organization SBTI have developed a unique Belt training. In order to facilitated the learning experience each training week have a red thread. During Yellow Belt week it is about creating flow. During Green Belt week i about understanding root causes to process variation.

The Black Belt weeks are dedicated to more advanced analytical methods planned experiments including optimization and change management.

Below the DMAIC methodology.

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