Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
– With Lean to Six Sigma

A unique Yellow Belt training based on end-to-end case

Lean and Six Sigma are complementary and together it forms a POWERFUL UNION

This 5-day training is tailored to blend Lean and Six Sigma thinking to move forward towards operational excellence.

The training also qualifies as the first week of Green Belt »

Six Sigma develops and complements a number of important areas within Lean such as:

  The customer comes first - but expectations need to be measured and monitored!
  Waste and variation are two sides of the same coin.
  Do also measure variation when developing value stream map
  Fact-based decision making complements lean tools - practical use of graphical analysis tools
  Process stability and process control are the basis for sustained improvement.
  Can you trust the data? Before you go ahead and analyze the process, you must make sure that the facts and data from the process is correct.
   When I have calculated the process capability, I can calculate how often we will miss to meet the customer expectations.


For who?

No prerequisites. Employees in organizations and companies that want to broaden their knowledge on how Six Sigma principles and methods can complement and enhance a lean transformation.

 The training is also suitable for employees without lean background.

Training layout

The training consists of five days.

SBTI have developed a unique Yellow Belt training. The red thread during training is an end-to-end Administration case that follow the DMAIC methodology.

The training focuses on lead time and reducing errors. A mixture of qualitative and quantitative tools are introduced. Students are introduced to implement improvements based only on facts and data.

During the case, the groups work with defining the problem, collecting data to understand root causes to the problem, deploy improvements that address the root causes , implementing these improvements and finally develop process controls that make sure the improvements stay in place.

Theory is reduced and instead focus is on practical application and make sure participants understand  how to use the tools and concepts in real life situations. Key components  in this training set-up are exercises, reflections and experience sharing besides of traditional class room training

Measurable improvements from this training set-up are better effectiveness and efficiency of the trained Belts. After completion of training the Belts can identify better projects  and they execute their projects in less time with better result.

To get the most from training, we recommend that you work on a real project in conjuction with the training. If you want to go from yellow belt to green belt, is the completion of a successful project a requirement. In the evenings during the training week, we offer project mentoring to go through tools and issues.

The open training will be conducted in English. Even customized inhouse company specific training in English or Swedish can be implemented.

Lean Six Sigma

Yellow Belt

Six Sigma Yellow belt 5 days

  • "Study pace was high, theory mixed with practical exercise in a good way. Clear examples to follow in the training and in the presentation material."
  • "A good and well planned training that really covers all. The workshop performed on site in an exterior company was especially successful as you got real life experience."
  • "Many trainings offer statistical theory but the hardest thing with statistics is to understand how to use the tools to make things happen in reality. This was taught in this training which was pedagogic and implementation driven. "
  • "The training was a good mixture of theory and practical exercises. The teacher held a high knowledge level in the subject, not only theoretically but he also dealt with some real examples and demonstrated how theory could be applied in practical life."
  • "An appreciated part was the visit to the production plant which included an exercise in one of the tools that was taught in class. I recommend SBTI’s Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training as I have had much benefit from the training in my daily work."
  • "The training gives a good foundation and understanding for Lean Six Sigma, how you should work as an organization with DMAIC for problem solving and process development for both industry and service sectors."



Contents – 5 days

Yellow Belt:
With Lean to Six sigma:

To drive improvement projects with DMAIC methodology and basic lean six sigma tools

• Admin case (with practical usage of six sigma tools
• Introduction till lean six sigma and DMAIC
• Project definition
• Determine customer requirements
• Team formation, Presentation techniques
• Process mapping, Value Stream Mapping
• Intro to Minitab
• Basic statistics
• Data collection
• Basic quality tools
• Measurement System Analysis – attribute
• SPC Statistical Process Control
• Capability analysis –baseline & after improvement
• Project presentations
• Cause & Effect diagram ,5 whys
• Develop & implement the solution
• Control planning


Fee and trainingmaterial - Yellow Belt

Fee: 19 500 SEK. All prices are excluding VAT.
The fee includes training, documentation, course materials, refreshments and lunch. Lean Six Sigma Pocket Guide is included. Travel and accommodations are not included. Laptop should be brought. We will use Minitabs software during training. If you do not already have the software available, you should download Minitab 16 software trial, before training start.

Package price:
Yellow Belt + Green Belt 10 days including certification to Green Belt: 40 000 SEK.

Training diploma

After completing training with at least 90% attendance, you get a diploma.


Instructor for this training is Håkan Wallin ».

More information

For more information, please contact Håkan Wallin, europe@sbtimail.com.